Prayer: Jesus and Heart God Essay

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God I ask that you would imprint our generation with your image. Lord its the cry of my heart that you would make us look like you to a world that is fed up with this MTV culture that we’ve been raised in. Thats fed up with lies of who you are and how you feel toward us. Lord I just ask that you would cut through these clouds of deception, these clouds of compromise and just show us your face father. You are the only one, you are the only thing we need. And God we need you more than we need the air we breathe. Lord I just ask that you would establish that in our hearts for real, that it would be firmly rooted in who we are. That we are nothing without you God.
And God I pray that you would awaken within us something that would recognize your voice, something that would be able to discern your heart from all the other thoughts and opinions that are out there. And as there’s distraction and compromise and deception and lust and temptation popping up all around us God I ask that you would give us the ability to cast it down and to stay focused on you Father. God I declare over the young men of our generation that they would be examples of self control when they sit in front of their computer screens, that this addiction to pornography that is crippling and devastating the seers and prophets from our Generation God. I say that it has no power here. That the chains fall off in the name of Jesus Christ right now. And I speak out against the spirit of depression that is ruining