Prayer Essay

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After every football game whether it is a win or a loss the two teams come together and pray. What do all of the fans do in those couple of moments? Nothing, they just stand there and watch. Instead of just standing there watching the teams pray the school should pick a certain player, hand him a mic, and let him pray over the intercom like they do when someone sings the National Anthem. This would bring both communities together, and be a humbling experience. Therefore, praying in public should be allowed anywhere in a public setting. Many people think that praying publicly is unconstitutional, but the reality is it’s just a way to talk to God. In Matthew 6:6 the bible says “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when …show more content…
If before a game instead of praying inside our locker room where nobody can see us the team should go out and say a prayer over the speaker for the auditorium to hear. The team could then pray for safe travels and safety on the court for the other team. It won’t change the rivalry or the way they pray but it will change the respect the visitors will have for that team after the win or loss. It’s a habit to procrastinate to the last possible second to do your homework. Instead of completely freaking out about that assignment stop for a couple of minutes and pray to God. Just tell him to help you get through this assignment without completely losing your mind and to help remind yourself to not procrastinate anymore. It’s simple and sweet but can really go a long way and it will help the procrastinator take their mind off the situation and calm them down, like a de-stressor. The world would be a much better place if everyone wasn’t so stressed and uptight; their mind would be clear of all the nonsense life hands them and would let them just be them, worry