Pre Course Task Celta Essay

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Section 1
Learners & Teachers, & the Teaching & Learning Context
A. Teaching and learning contexts
Task 1
1. In what context will you be doing the CELTA course?
The context of the CELTA course I believe will be:  Monolingual
 Part-Time
 Open group
 Lessons in groups
 Mixed gender
 Same interest to teach English as a foreign language

2. Do you know what context you will be teaching in after you finish the course?
If I get the job I have applied for I will endeavour to teach in the following context:  Lessons in a group
 Monolingual
 Closed group
 Same gender
 Day classes
 Business English

B. The learners’ culture, linguistic and educational backgrounds
Task 2
1. Think about why you
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Past progressive
2. Modal
3. Present
4. Past
5. Progressive

Task 16 1. Present continuous
2. Simple past
3. Present simple
4. Past
5. Present
6. Progressive
7. Past progressive
8. Present continuous

Task 17 1. Past
2. Future
3. Present
4. Present
5. Present/ past

Task 18
 The auxiliary verb ‘be’ is used to create the present progressive.
 The form of the lexical verb of the present progressive is the –ing form.

Task 19
I’m meeting- future/ progressive
Always running late- past/present
Walking - Present continuous / now

Task 20
1. He’s had a brother and a sister.
2. I like this ice cream- liking is progressive
3. What do you think of your new job?
4. This sauce lacks salt.
All the sentences should not have the -ing form because they are not progressive actions.

B. Vocabulary
Task 21
Extra information dictionaries can provide about words apart from the meaning:
1. Its forms. i.e. cosy Forms given after part of speech cosier, cosiest
2. Variant spelling US cozy
3. Introduces derivatives i.e. cosily, cosiness
4. It tells us the parts of speech i.e. Adjective, noun and what category the word falls into.
5. Usage of the word
6. Grammatical information
7. Pronunciation of the word

Task 22
1. He’s the highest person in the family by more than 2 centimetres.