Pre-History: Evolution of Hominids Essay

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Anita and Jacquelene-Evolution of Hominids
-Bering Land Bridge
-Neolithic Revolution
Record Keeping
As government, religion, and the economy became more complex, people recognized the need for record keeping
Records were used by government officials to document tax collections, keep track of laws, and track the storage of grains. Used by priests to keep track of calendars and important rituals. Used by merchants to record accounts of debts and payments
Around 3000 B.C.E, Sumerian scribes invented a technique of writing called cuneiform. This signaled the beginning of written history.
Improved Technology
Farmers harnessed the power of animals. For example, they used ox-drawn plows to turn the soil
Farmers also created irrigation systems to expand planting areas Artisans created potter’s wheels in 3500 B.C.E
After 2500 B.C.E, metalworkers started using bronze for spearheads rather than copper or stone. This period of time is widely referred to as The Bronze Age
Civilization Emerges in Ur
Ur is one of the earliest cities in Sumer (modern day Iraq). 30,000 people once lived in this city
Ur had well defined social classes
Ur was located on the bank of the Euphrates River
An Agricultural Economy
Farmers dug irrigation ditches
Farmers used stone tools to widen ditches that carry water from a reservoir over a mile away
Life in the City
Houses were windowless, one-story, and box-like
Wealthy families lived in two-story houses
Ur’s Thriving Trade
The city had a bazaar, or marketplace
Money had not been invented so they would barter (exchange one good or service for another good or service)
More complicated trades required scribes to write debts
The Temple: Center of City Life
The temple was a pyramid shaped building called a ziggurat meaning “mountain of god”
Priests would often sacrifice…