Pre-K Classroom Observation

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Verner Elementary School is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This school is home to many pre-k through fifth graders. It is a well-rounded school that is diverse in culture and instruction. The priority at Verner is to offer a valuable education to all children despite their demographics. I had the privilege to sit and observe a pre-k classroom at Verner. This opportunity allowed me to reflect on some of the materials that I am studying in my CRD class. This observation has allowed me to connect the information I am taught in class to real life. There are so many important aspects that I study in CRD that are very viable to visualize in reality. When I walked into the classroom the students hadn’t come back from their extra-curricular activity yet. The teacher and the intern were standing at the door waiting on the students to come back from their morning activity. This made me feel a sense of community. As the students approached the classroom, I could tell they were excited. They enjoyed being at school, because they knew their teachers would be anticipating them. They walked …show more content…
A lot of the charts in the classroom were hand made. There were pictures of the students and some of their family members throughout the classroom. There were literacy charts on every wall of the classroom. Some of the literacy charts were projects the students had been working on. Others were charts created by the teacher herself. The centers were very distinct. Each center had a form of literacy in it. For example, the math center had literacy charts above the math drawers to guide the students. There were many books in the classroom. Most of the books could be found in the reading center. One significant fact about literacy in this class is that every student was assigned a set of books in their personal bin. In my opinion, this was a great idea to get the students excited about reading at a very young age. It encourages the students to read and