The Importance Of Pregnancy

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“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside…..when a tiny heart beat is headed for very first time and playful kicks remind her that she is never alone.”
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Pregnancy and child birth are events of great anticipation glorious moments in women’s life. Motherhood is a great responsibility and it is woman’s highest crown of honour. Therefore maintaining good health during pregnancy is very important especially in the stressful life situation. The few inches that the baby travels during child birth is the most dangerous distance it will travel in its life time. (Marina, Richard, 1997)
Pregnancy is a period of excitement, expectancy, some anxiety and even fear. The magnificent experience of pregnancy can be seared for those unfortunate whose pregnancy is complicated. Pregnancy is the time of intense physical change, and is associated with a great deal of emotional upheaval in many women. In addition to the obvious outward physical changes that accompany pregnancy, significant increase in mental health problems in pregnancy or immediate post partum period. Even in normal pregnancies, women experience subtle changes that may alter ability to carryout their usual roles and may detract from their overall quality of life. Certain circumstances like any disease associated with pregnancy such as medical disorders, infections, for example human immunodeficiency virus etc. are traumatic examples of how pregnancy can have an impact on quality of life but other less traumatic factors increasing gestational age or family support, could also influence how a woman feels during her pregnancy (hueston&miller, 1998).
Quality of life (QOL) is a multi-dimensional concept whose definition and assessment remains controversial. Quality of life is conceptualized in terms of an absence of pain or an ability to function in day to day life. Quality of life may be defined as subjective well-being. Recognizing the subjectivity of quality of life is a key to understanding this construct. QOL