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Pre-salt layer

Good evening everyone, today i’m gonna show you a brief seminar about a recent discovery in my country, the existent oil in the pre-salt layer. But first i’d like to tell you a little bit about the oil’s history in Brazil.

That Brazil is knew for the soccer, or carnival and samba everyone knows. But diferent that what most people think, Brazil growed up and today is a strong country, wich one the economy is so stable that delivered us from the great global crisis in 2009. A country that has a lot of riches and it’s coming exploring these riches more and more. And the most recent is that one that im going to talk about today, the oil existent in pre-salt layer.

Today im going to talk about the followings topics:

What is;
How it was formed;
Where is it;
Necessary investment;
The benefits

So, let’s start to talk about it. Since the beggining of extraction of oil in brazilian ocean, in 60’s, Brazil is one of a few nations to dominate exploration’s technology of oil in deep water and ultradeep water. This allowed in 2006, the brazilian conquest of self-sufficiency in oil. And in 2007 the Petrobrás, brazilian oil’s company, announced the discover of a new oil pool, found in pre-salt layer. And that is it what i gonna talk about.

Pre-salt is the name given by geology for a subsoil’s part situated in the deep ocean and wich one is under the salt layer.

Researchs resulting by the perforation of oil well indicated that the rocks from pre-salt layer cover around 800 km of brazilian’s coast, in a part that starts in Santa Catarina and goes till Espirito Santo. In these rocks we can find some big tanks of oil and gas.

The layer named pre-salt is between 6 and 8 thousands meters below sea level. To go there we need to across 2 thousands meters of water, after that 1000 meters of pos-salt layer, after 2 thousands meters of salt layer, after 2 thousands of pre-salt layer and then finally we find this oil well.

The oil from the pre-salt was formed about 150 million years ago when there was separation process of tectonics plate that formed the Africa and South America, after separation, formed what is now the Atlantic Ocean and in that time it was just a shallow water with numerous microorganisms sedimented at the bottom. With the passage of millions of years, these microorganisms formed a buried layer. After, with the atmospheric pressure, salt and sand became now in the found oil.

After the discovery of oil by Petrobras in the pre-salt layer, other countries with similar geological formation are in search of oil in that layer. The most discovery outside of Brazil is on the west coast of Africa, and recent findings also show a possible oil well in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caspian Sea. All these studies are based on the research and technologies developed by Petrobras.

The discovery of oil in the layers of rock located under the layers of salt was only possible due to the development of new technologies such as 3D seismic and 4D seismic, oceanographic exploration, but also of advanced perfuration techniques on the seabed under up to 2 km water depth.

But to reach the pre-salt was not the most difficult task, the biggest challenge is to get that oil out of there and get high value investment to date has vanish an average of