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Sister, Best Friend: The Best of Both Worlds
Free writing Paragraph Umm ok this is awkward because I really have no clue where to begin! Ha! The irony…ok um let’s see The day I met my sister I’d just turned 16 and was living with grandma. Dad said he was sending for me… Beaumont. I’ll start there. Beaumont is in Texas. The birthplace of my father and all of my siblings. I’m oldest of 10. (5 at the time) I was raised by grandma and mom. Moved around a lot. I remember having to ride the bus from my grandmothers’ house in Arkansas to get to Beaumont. Short but, scary ride I might add. Once I arrived, I was quickly greeted by my dad at the bus station. He wasn’t alone. Now, for some reason I expected balloons, candy maybe even money…. but that wasn’t the case. He introduced her to me as my sister. Ok let me back up. At this time I was the oldest of 5. I knew them all very well. I did not know her! Her name was Kimdra. For the longest I thought Kendra. Daddy grabbed my things and we got in the car. I kept staring at her. Does she look like me? Will she like me? Is she my grandma’s new favorite? I was young. I asked how old she was. She’d just turned 14. Weird because I had two other siblings who were also 14 at the time. The drive to the house was short. Only about 20 minutes. Once I’d broken the ice, and we’d realized our birthdays where just a day apart we were talking non-stop. I’m not sure what happened within that 15 minutes but got out of that car holding hands and forever connected at the hip. Whew.
Listing (Brainstorming) Paragraph 1
Family Dynamics
Awkward Introductions
Mixed emotions
Car ride
Holding hands
Paragraph 1-Outline
Topic – Central Point: The moment I met my sister was a very scary, yet exciting one.
Reason 1: I’d been raised apart from her in a different state.
a. My mother and father never married.
b. I