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Robert M. Shoemaker High School
Instructor: Coach Mattox
Contact Information:
Room: 2403
Course Description:
Pre-AP World History offers an overview of the entire history of humankind – a study of significant people, events, and issues from ancient times to the present, both Western civilization and other significant cultures. Geography and its impact on people and events is a major theme in this course. In addition, students will analyze the development of representative government and important legal and political concepts. They examine the history and impact of major religious and philosophical traditions. Students will also analyze the connections between developments in science and technology and the growth of industrial economics. Students will use a variety of primary and secondary sources such as biographies, autobiographies, novels, speeches and letters, poetry, music and works of art to support this study. Pre-AP World History offers preparation for the student who plans to attend college. Studies show that students who complete Pre-AP and AP level coursework are more probable to complete a degree in college.

Semester One Units of Study:
Unit 1: Early Humans & River Valley Civilizations
Unit 2: Classical India and China
Unit 3: Classical Greece & Rome
Unit 4: Islam & Africa
Unit 5: Byzantine Empire & the Middle Ages
Unit 6: Americas, China, & the Mongols
Unit 7: The Renaissance & Protestant Reformation
Unit 8: Exploration & Scientific Revolution

Semester Two Units of Study:
Unit 9: The Middle East, Japan, & China
Unit 10: Enlightenment, Revolutions, & Napoleon
Unit 11: Industrial Revolution & Imperialism
Unit 12: World War I and the Russian Revolution
Unit 13: The Age of Anxiety, Rise of Consumerism, and Global Depression
Unit 14: World War II
Unit 15: The Cold War
Unit 16: Decolonization & Globalization

Text: Glencoe World History, Jackson J. Spielvogel, 2003.

Required Supplies:
Large 3-ring binder (1½” or larger)
Package of 8 dividers
College-lined notebook paper
Blue, black, and red Pens
#2 Pencils

Each student must prepare and maintain a 1½” (or larger) notebook for Pre-AP World History. This binder must not contain work from other classes. Students are responsible for bringing their notebook to class every day. The notebook should be organized exactly with the eight following tab headings in this order: Tab 1: Prehistory – 600 BC Tab 5: 1750 – 1914 Tab 2: 600 BC – AD 600 Tab 6: 1914 – Present Tab 3: 600 – 1450 Tab 7: Review Materials Tab 4: 1450 – 1750 Tab 8: Course Guidelines

A Table of Contents will be kept for the notebook. It must be placed in the front of the notebook before Tab 1. The teacher will provide the handout for the Table of Contents each nine weeks. Loose-leaf notebook paper should be kept in the back of the notebook. If a student chooses, he or she may use the web program/ipad application, Livebinder, to digitally store their notebook instead of keeping a hard copy. Should a student choose this option, their Livebinder must be organized exactly as outlined above with the first document being the Table of Contents.

Notes to Parents:
1. It is strongly suggested that you make sure your student has access either at home or through the public library to a computer and printer. Students will be required to type and submit “one-pagers” and other longer papers. I also accept these via email and make my printer available to students before and after school and before class to print out their assignments.

2. All assignments, notes, and test reviews will be posted on the course website. Please make sure your student keeps up with all reading assignments, as it is essential to making a good grade in this course. 3. Killeen Independent School District is committed to moving students forward in a 21st century learning environment. As part of this plan, KISD