Preassessment: American Films and Main Task Essay

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Pre-Assessment Sometimes, the world around me feels like it is about to perish, but it never does. Just like every other person in this sphere of rock and water , I have to face the constant pressures of my family , friends , and peers. A lot of people have been defeated by these pressures , and not many people can overcome them and I believe that I have. Whenever someone tells me that I can never do something , that I'm not able to do something, it motivates me to prove them wrong and make nobody ever doubt me ever again. When the inevitable occurs, and I make a mistake , I try to work out the problem I have encountered by myself first , then if I cannot make sense of why the mistake happened , I try to collaborate with others to help me figure it out because there is no point in just giving up if you can't find a solution yourself , you might as well work with others to find one. I have played football since I was seven years old and it has taught me the values of hard work and dedication and to never give up. Also it has taught me how to deal with difficult people and trouble makers alike. On the football field when you are playing in a game against another team there is bound to be that one guy that tries to get inside of your head and throw you off your game. I have never gotten into a fight on the field because I know how to ignore those kinds of people and not let them trouble my conscious. This skill lets me focus on the main task at hand and not worry about…