Precipitation and Design Process Solution Essay

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My Design Process Solution

Design Process


Define Problem

Student Work at
This Step

Carbon County wants to stop using as much electricity
(fossil fuels) and produce more wind energy. Carbon County and my team think this is a problem.
Wants: Under
$350,000 for each unit. Needs: Wind turbine must be safe for wildlife and the environment must be able to sustain strong winds and operate with snowfall. Prior Solutions: We thought that the blades should be thin yet able to sustain the strong winds. ©2011 Project Lead The Way, Inc.
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Generate Concepts

Yes, this problem is worth solving because not only will it benefit people it will also help the earth. Develop a Solution

Construct and Test

Evaluate Solution

Present Solution

Build models of the blade design from previous research.
Attach the blades to a model wind turbine.
Attach a 32g cup using a string on the back of the model wind turbine along with weighted washers each of the 3 trials.
Use a fan to create wind power for the model, this way, the durability of the blades are tested by the cup and the washers being lifted up by the turning blades­ the height of the cup from the ground will be measured each of the 3 trials­ all results will be recorded in journals. Results of the