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02 January 2013 Rhetorical Precis
Jonathan Capehart’s article, “From Trayvon to Newton” (2012), asserts the idea that the year 2012 was a tragedy-filled year in the United States. Capehart backs up this assertion with examples of popular tragedies, such as the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin, and a more recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut at an elementary school in which many innocent children and adults were killed. Capehart’s purpose in this article is to point out the many tragedies which occurred during 2012 to readers in order for them to reflect on the past year. The intended audience is a general audience of adults and adolescents as well, primarily those who live in the United States.

Robert J. Samuelson’s article, “Obama’s Leadership Failure” (2012), argues the idea that President Barack Obama has reached a “fiscal cliff” or a massive failure of presidential leadership. Samuelson backs up his argument with examples from Obama’s actions towards raising taxes, health care, and the nation’s budget as a whole. His purpose, in this article is to point out flaws of President Obama’s policies and his position as a leader of the country. This article is more directed towards adults, or possibly, republicans who do not believe in Barack Obama’s policies.

Michael Gerson’s article “This Christmas, Joy Wrestles With Grief” (2012), Gerson assert the idea that the 2012 holiday season is overshadowed by sorrow from