Precocious Puberty Essay

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Diary Entry
January 26, 2015 This summer I have grown a grand total of six inches. I have started getting actual boobs and get to wear a bra now! I am going to be going into the 2nd grade and none of my friends get to wear bras yet. I have also noticed that I now have armpit hair and pubic hair.
Which is kind of gross. Yesterday though I found blood in my underwear and when I told my mommy she said that we are going to have to go to the doctor.
When I went to the doctor I was pretty scared because I did not fully understand why we were going. I felt fine and did not feel like anything was wrong with me. My mommy said she just wanted to make sure my body was working the way it was supposed to at my age.
When my mommy told the doctors what was happening to my body they did a ton of tests.
First they looked at my family's medical history to see if anything like what is happening to me has happened to any of them. The doctor also did a physical exam. She wanted to see if there was anything wrong with how my body was functioning and looking. Then they ran a blood test to measure my hormone levels. Lastly they did a wrist x­ray to check my bone age and see if my bones are growing too quickly. The doctor said she would get back to us in a few days with the results.
It has been a day since I had my doctors appointment and they just called mommy.
They told her I have a disease called precocious puberty. They told mom that my pituitary hormone is releasing more hormones than it should. It is releasing hormones called luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone. Luteinizing hormone is causing my body to ovulate an egg in my ovary and the follicle stimulating hormone is causing my ovaries to make estrogen. Estrogen is a secondary sex hormone that causes breasts, pubic hair and the menstrual cycle. This is causing my…