preferred ethical lens Essay

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My preferred ethical lens is Relationship and Reputation which means using your reasoning skills and intuition to determine what process, character traits and virtues best serve the community by assuring fairness and justice for all. This is what I think it really describes the way that I handle situations whether I am at work or in my private life I try to be open and fair minded to everyone that I know or work with. The blind spot within myself would be is Belief that motive justifies method or your own good is good enough’. This is my blind spot because I have a tendency once my own needs are met I feel that I have done my part leaving the problem uncompleted and everyone else for them self. This can cause pain in others especially when you are working in a group or team. Because I feel that everyone is accountable for themselves, once my job is done I just let it go. So that something that I can work on. As for my strengths I would say that I am an open minded person and always listens to what other people have to say. I try to be considerate to others and always help in ways that I can. But my weakness is as I stated before once I finish my job I tend to leave some people behind depending on who I work with. It really shouldn’t be that way so I try to stop that behavior and treat undeserving team members the same and another would be the I can put things off until the last minute was hurts me in the long run but I am working on that also. My values are that I want