Pregnancy and Drug-based Abortion Methods Essay

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Jaishree Ausbrooks

April 24, 2013
Professor Miles
Government 2013.01
Critical Thinking Paper
Abortion is a big NO NO!!
I am one of those people that is against abortion. This topic was brighter than one mans opinion. It wasn’t about if you were for or against it. It was mainly about the life of a child and were would be that cut off date of saying “okay this is now a living organism, one that I can not kill”. I was a little confused as to where this discussion was going. Only because, some people were saying that a baby is living during its first stage which I feel is totally incorrect. Come on a fetus is not a living organism.
After a certain period of pregnancy, I could see that being an issue, but if you’re having an abortion within the first quadrant then you’re not killing a human being or in other words a living entity. At the end of the day I say NO ABORTIONS PERIOD! In many cases I know that abortion could be the first choice of an unwanted child. But I say weigh your choices out. There is always adoption or just taking responsibility of your actions and look at the child as a gift from god. Rather than seeing the child as a burden on your life. I feel as if people would say what if this or what if that. If the woman was rape by someone, I feel as if the woman can put the child up for adoption or give it to the government. I honestly don’t feel as if you have to have an abortion for an unwanted child. Everyone accepts a chance of life. Abortion can be performed for many reasons. The main reason if the woman’s health is at risk. However, some people abuse this