Pregnancy and Mother Essay

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If a baby were to drink alcohol it would look wrong then why is it ok for a pregnant mother to drink. The truth be told whenever you eat or drink anything that some food / drink goes to the baby .Every time you’re at the bar with your friends your baby is right their drinking with you .This irresponsible of yours is a price your unborn will be forced to pay for the rest of his/her entire life. However many mothers don’t know that a little alcohol may cause such a tragic life for the unborn baby this is a choice that many mothers will regret for having been so irresponsible to have drunk during their pregnancy for all this could have been avoided with a simple no the alcoholic beverage or no to hanging out with your crazy friends Human reproduction is not only influenced by genes and hormones but also by the environment that is why drinking alcohol is a threat the developing fetus with mental retardation this means that the child not think or act like a normal child he will need help to do many things and learning to read and write will be extremely difficult for them to understand. Another resolute of the mothers lack of responsibility is the distinctive facial features, including small eyes, an exceptionally thin upper lip, a short, upturned nose, and a smooth skin surface between the nose and upper lip this means that you child will be distinguished from all the rest of the kids his/her age this means that other kids will quickly know that he is different than the normal kids and it is a mothers dream that their kid to be normal and have a group of friends that they can hang out with and go to the house to have a party and have a birthday party. Another effect of fetal alcohol syndrome is the lack of motive skill the kid will have slow reflexive and slow reaction time to the other kind and will have a problem with sports. This girl to the left is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome because her mother thought that drinking alcohol was a safe thing to do while pregnant. This is a problem that affects 1 in every 750 children born a year for the irresponsibility of the mother If substances such as essential nutrients that are essential to growth and development to a fetus are passed from the mother to the fetus though the placenta, then other materials such as alcohol can also pass from the mother to the fetus. The placenta is the place where the fetus gets all the nutrients that it need to grow from an fetus to a baby boy /girl the baby gets what it needs from the mother body by a process called diffusion in which the baby takes oxygen, nutrients, and removes waste all though a process called diffusion, diffusion is when nutrient go into the baby and waste and byproduct go out of the baby using the blood from the mother it takes what is needs and gets rid of what it does not need so the food that you goes to the baby as well as to feed yourself. In a smaller way this is how the alcohol goes form you goes to the baby when you drink the alcohol in you system goes into your blood and then the baby that takes the nutrients that it wants from the blood gets alcohol from it and it get diffused though the placenta and then the baby takes is all in to is body

If dangerous materials are transferred to the fetus during the first trimester of development then the fetus will suffer developmental problems such as organs malfunction and malformation. In the first trimester of being pregnant is