Pregnancy and People Essay

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Megan Fee
Eng. 105—Module 3
Opinion/Exemplification-Final Draft
Instructor: Deb Brandmeyer
October 29, 2012
It seems these days everybody and their mother can become parents! The new theme is that it’s cool and fun to get pregnant, but nobody realizes that there are consequences that come with it. People need to see that the children of today affect the future greatly. I believe that people should have to get a license to become parents. That would make for a much better world. Some parents don’t discipline their kids like they should. I see this everywhere and every time I go out into public. Kids are running around screaming, crying, and getting into everything they possibly can. However, the sad thing is that the parents don’t do a damn thing about their little brats. Back when I was growing up, I got my ass whooped everytime I miss behaved. Discipline is a very important thing when it comes to raising a respectful child. There are parents out there that are way too irresponsible. There are too many young teenage girls that are getting pregnant these days. In most cases, the fathers are going out and partying or they don’t even know how to change a diaper. In a lot of other cases, however, the baby daddies aren’t even around. The young mothers usually aren’t ready to raise a child. They pawn their baby off on others to go out and party all of the time. They think that it’s alright to still go out to experience and live their life. It’s not the responsible thing to do, though. Teens are having sex then getting pregnant without realizing all of the consequences that come with being a good parent. Some people are not financially stable enough to raise a family. Children are being brought into this world without the thought of how important money is. The situation is either that people are having kids too young before they can even graduate high school or they just have kids before getting a stable job and finishing college. Everybody should have a stable financial plan before even thinking about having a baby. Future generations in this world are depending on better values; they’re relying on being raised in a better environment. If everyone raised their children right, maybe this world would be in better shape. How does anybody know all the right ways to raise a kid, though, and if the right ways are actually even right? People just need to be better role models when it comes to parenting. Men shouldn’t be getting women pregnant if they’re in gangs or into drugs or can’t even hold a job to save their life. Leaving the woman to raise the kid by herself isn’t any better either. The point is that many people are taking the gift of life for granted while some others would give anything to have a little baby of their own. For example, I know someone who left her husband then got pregnant with another guy; I should also mention that he is a gang member. While she was pregnant with this precious baby, she was drinking and doing drugs. She ended up having an abortion. Then she turns around and gets pregnant right after with a different guy who is also a gang member. She decides to go