Pregnancy and Red Wine Essay

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Archilles Roberts

Pros and Cons of drinking.

In amerce about 60 percent of people consumes alcohol. Alcohol can be bad and good for you but the bad out weights the good in most cases. Alcohol can reduce the risk of having heart attack for individual for example of the red wine. Scientist has proven that red wine is good for your heart and they encourage everybody to take a sip of them each once in a while. In other studied they are proven to reduce the risk of having diabetes. Diabetes is one of the major sicknesses that people can have for especially those who are overweight. Drinking can also make you relax your body and your mind if your stress for some people. Some people drink to take away their pain or anger that they have for someone of something. Drinking is also relevant when you go to a night club, since you are gathered by a lot of people and when you are sober it makes you very sensitive person to your surroundings. Alcohol takes away the sense to react quickly but to act calmly and have fun. Even though alcohol can make you happy and clam, there is a negative side of it. Last year in PA, 26 percent of death was due to alcohol from the age of 16 to 20 that is high school students and college students. In our society we have alcohol have killed a lot of people because of their negligence of being under the influence. When you drink alcohol it impaired your vision and makes you do things that you normally won’t do when you are sober. Drunk driving occurs mostly of the weekend from parties or the club which has caused much death in this nation. When people are intoxicated while driving they are most likely to drive recklessly which can lead them to their death. Alcohol can also cause harm to your body such as your liver especially the hard liquor. This happens over the years as you