Pregnancy and School Essay

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Aaron Cesar Chan
WS 151 Writing Intensive
27th August 2012
Professor Robert-Deutsch
Short Response Paper #1

Pregnancy and School

An Article online from talked about how many school across our country bar pregnant students from school activities, pressure them into alternative programs, or even kick them out of school. The article briefly talked about education laws and how it violates equal opportunity for both male and female students. It then author talked about some interviews she had with different organizations. This article is important for women because it brings attention to how our society either consciously or unconsciously abuses and/or violates women’s right. The article also talked about the frustration of these types of situation women are facing and what we can do to possibly encounter it. Pregnant students are in a disadvantage because of school policy not allowing them to further their education, this in term hurts pregnant students and it upsets the balance of equality between both male and female students. The solution I read from this article talked about how pregnant students can talk to their administrator, negotiate on their situation, and possibly find a solution on how pregnant students can attend school during and after pregnancy. In my humble opinion, I believe that pregnant teens should be allowed to attend school because they are not causing any physical harm to anyone. However, I feel that it is the student’s