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Pregnancy in Our Youth: What Gives? Throughout the past fifty years, the rate of teenagers and adolescents becoming pregnant has increased dramatically. It was believed during the time of previous generations that if you were to become pregnant, you were not fit to finish school to take care of the child. If it was even attempted to complete their schooling, it was common that girls would drop out anyway due to the shame set upon their peers. Now, in our time, it is not uncommon to see a fourteen or fifteen year old girl who is expecting a child. We have television programs, such as, “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” show the wonders of babies having babies. So what has changed in the mentalities of our youth over the past few generations? Why are we seeing so many more girls becoming impregnated at, what seems, younger and younger ages? Common reasons we do find our young people becoming pregnant include, but are not limited to, family history and values, peer pressure, and any sort of media. Going back on family history and values is one way to trace the reason for pregnancy in younger people. In colonial America, it was not uncommon for younger girls to be wives and mothers, since they were considered developed enough to handle such responsibilities (Journal 5). On the other hand, times have changed and there is no longer a need to mothers who are still going through schooling. The standard expectations for children is to wait to be finished with school and married before having their own kids. According to The Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education, youth whom are raised in a household that lacks in stability are more likely to reach out to a partner for comfort (5). How frequent, or lack of frequency, the child sees their parents or guardians can affect if they become impregnated. Those who are ignored more so by their parents tend to go in and out of relationships to get feel affection ( Also, it is believed that if the child is not allowed to talk about sex to their parental figures, they are more likely to experiment in it. If a child cannot have an open relationship about coitus with their parents, they are less likely to use protection of any sort due to the possibility of misinformation set by peers or outside sources. Teenage parents are more likely to end up living in poverty (Adolescent Pregnancy). It is also popularly believed that if the child is going to end up with the same or a similar future as their parents, they will only have to achieve that much; even if that means dropping out of school or starting a family in hopes that their child will be better off. Thus leading to a never ending cycle of misinformation in young people. In today’s society, it becomes increasingly harder and harder for the younger people to be responsible while engaging in sexual relationships, which can lead to peer pressure. Every day a college student, high school student, and even a middle school student feel the pressure to have sexual relations. Adolescents feel that if they can fit in with their peers, then they will be accepted and more likely to make friends ( It is hard to know the consequences or severity of the act when you are feeling out of place. Speaking from personal experience, I too almost fell in that downfall. However, I did not feel pressure from my boyfriend once, but rather from my peers. Luckily time and reason showed me that I was not ready for the financial or emotional necessities of potentially having a child. Anyone can be a victim of peer pressure. If an adolescent is ever feeling pressure from anyone to devote themselves into said act without feeling ready, they should immediately seek a counselor for help. Even though many teens think it will help improve their appearance amongst their colleagues, the chance of having a baby and adding to the stress of school is not worth it ( However, there is a “super peer” that adolescents need