Essay on Prejudice: Sexual Orientation and Gay Community Society

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Prejudice and Discrimination among the Gay Community Society tells us who we should love, how we should love and why we should love. People have the choice to love a person who makes them happy, no matter same sex or opposite sex without ridicule from others. Prejudice is nothing more than an unjustified way of thinking towards an individual or group who has a different way of life or set of beliefs from one’s own. Now, everyone has the right to feel and believe what they wish, however, when it negatively affects the lives of others, and then it is crossing the line. A young couple in love has to hide their happiness from everyone, why, because they are two men in love. Perfect for each other in every way, loving, caring and happy, however, afraid to hold hands in public, give a certain look, act a certain way. Why, all because they do not confirm to the norms of society. In a perfect world, all people would be able to date, marry and have a life with the person of their choosing, without the fear of being ostracized by their peers. “If it would be unthinkable to treat people of color or religious minorities this way, why isn't the same true for gays and lesbians?”( (Erwin and Seagall) Freud stated “psychodynamic conceptions suggest it may be a byproduct of a defense mechanism spurred by an unconscious or denied attraction to gay sex”. Latent sexuality can be one reason people who have an “alternative” lifestyle are treated differently by every area of society. A fear of what someone may truly be feeling, not wanting to be the outcast or different. For years, gay and lesbians have had to lead a life which was not of their choosing to just fit in. Conformity was the only way. “Since 1975, the American Psychological Association has been trying to take the lead in removing of mental illness that has long been associated with gay, lesbian and bi-sexual.” (, Lesbian and Bi-sexual individuals in our county experience extreme discrimination, prejudice and violence for who they are. For years, being homosexual was thought to be a mental illness, curable, if only they would accept treatment. Several theories come into play with prejudice and discrimination. Erikson’s Theory of Personality Development, particularly Stage One. If a child does not learn to trust early on, it can make a tremendous difference how they live their lives as they grow. Perhaps the trust issues run deep, it would then be hard for a person