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Christianity – Principal Beliefs
Fundamental major text: The Bible
In todays society, Christianity is the largest – about 2 billion Christians, which is approximately 33% of the worlds population, and 63% of Australians in the 2006 consensus stated and affiliation with Christianity
What we know about Jesus comes exclusively from the Christian gospels.
Only matthew and luke tell us of Jesus’ birth
Principal Events in Jesus’ Life:

Divinity and Humanity:
Jesus fully human and also fully divine
Followers claimed the he is the Messiah, the long awaited deliverer to bring to the people of Israel hope and salvation – “Annointed one”
During the first century the followers of Jesus broke away from Judaism, and what we now know as Christianity spread its way through the Roman Empire and established itself as a completely separate relationship to Judaism.
Son of God, all humans read in image of God by god.
Incarntion of Jesus as a human was out of god’s love for humanity.
Jesus’ humanity shows he connection and love between God and the people.
Jesus’ humanity enables him to be a role model for the people
Deaths, Resurrection and Ascension
Jesus was crucified and died, he rose from the dead. This was witnessed by his followers.
Reflections on the death of Jesus highlight the notion that death is an integral part of the human condition and one which is shared by Jesus
Other ways of appreciating the importance of the death of Jesus include seeing the death of Jesus as evidence of the unconditional love of God, or seeing Jesus' selflessness even unto death as a model for discipleship
The fundamental Christian belief in the resurrection of the body, as evident in the Nicene Creed is based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ
Whilst Jesus' resurrection and ascension are depicted slightly differently in the Gospels of John and Luke, both stress the importance of the resurrection as carrying the meaning of eternal life that overcomes the limitations of human mortality
Theologians have long debated the nature of the risen Jesus. The difficulty is reconciling the physical resurrection with the spiritual resurrection, without downplaying either aspect

The Nature of God and the Trinity
The doctrine of the Trinity states that God is