Premature Greying Essay

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Reversagrey, Inc.

Professor Brad. A. Rifkin

Final Project

1.0 Executive Summary

Reversagrey Inc. provides a scientific breakthrough to naturally reverse premature greying by stabilizing the body’s chemical balance and discontinue the self bleaching that occurs. This is a natural formula that eliminates free radicles and that is environmental friendly. This will allow people of all ages to reverse the effect of greying, restore self confidence, and it will eliminate the need for regular hair coloring.

We will fund our company by merging with a major pharmaceutical company.

1.1 Vision

Our company’s vision is to provide a natural solution to premature greying and protecting the environment from the toxic chemicals that permanent hair coloring contains.

Our company has recruited some of the brightest scientist to formulate the rejuvenating vitamins that aides the body to stop self destructing itself. These scientists will continue to educate themselves with potential natural breakthroughs.

1.2 Objectives

1. Merge with a major pharmaceutical company.
2. Produce over $1,000,000 in sales by the end of year 1.
3. Sales growth by 150% by the end of year 2.
4. Become a global operation by the end of year one.

2.0 Target Markets

Demographics: Our focus is on individuals which are experiencing premature greying and that want to discontinue hair coloring.

Geographic’s: This product will be available world wide, but needs to be monitored by a physician so that correct dosage is formulated.

Psychographics: People whom are experiencing premature greying world wide will be motivated to begin this vitamin treatment so that the grey hair will disappear.

2.1 Market Definition and Segmentation

There are many several age spans that experience premature greying and if these individuals want to restore his or her natural hair color in a natural way.

Free Samples:

• Reversagrey Inc. offers free samples to physicians and a discount with the first prescription that is filled.

• The free sample includes four weeks free dosage of the vitamins so that the individuals are able to witness the reduced greying.

2.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

Reversagrey Inc. focuses on improving the quality of life of individuals who are experiencing premature greying. These individuals will witness the miraculous effect when they see the new hair regrowth with the natural hair color. 2.3.1 Needs and Requirements

Since the current lifespan of people have increase many strong individuals want to look as good as they can, so this formula will allow people to restore their youthful hair color naturally.

As the individuals are restoring their youthful selves they are more marketable in the workforce because they will display a youthful energetic look that will keep up with today’s fast pace.

2.3.2 Distribution Channels

Our product will be offered in the medical industry via doctor’s offices and pharmacies. The customers will be able to order online with a valid prescription

2.3.3 Competitive Forces

The main competitions that Reversagrey faces are the companies that produce permanent hair coloring. But once the population experiences this natural breakthrough, the population will choose Reversagrey for reversing the signs of premature greying.

2.3.4 Communications

Reversagrey Inc. will use physician’s offices, medical magazines, beauty salons; email marketing campaigns and social media for the majority of our marketing. We will combine this strategy with event sponsoring for exposure. This type marketing will increase fans on Facebook and Twitter. Ongoing promotions and updates will be provided be the physicians offices and beauty salons.

2.3.5 Keys to Success

We screen our sales and inquiries by prescriptions filled and search online.

3.0 Marketing Plan Strategy

Reversagrey Inc. plans to create a website customer survey form to capture data about customers who reach the site through