Essay on Premier League and Ticket Price Increases

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Are Football ticket prices to high?

I believe football tickets are too high because as the gradual changes each season are contemplated – 6.5% increases at Arsenal this year;. prices frozen at Stoke City, the £10 adult ticket at Blackburn Rovers – awareness fades of the mighty disparity between what fans pay now and the prices before the Premier League was formed.
Of course, the grounds have improved out of all recognition, but the ticket price increases have not mostly been necessary to pay for that. All these older supporters have been going to their clubs game for the past 20 years how they meant to afford it? All the loyal fans who maybe can’t afford it anymore. Some people are complaining to their clubs that they can no longer go to their games since the ticket prices have rose up. The game is playing Russian roulette when it comes to attracting younger fans that might start voting with their feet to become “pub only” fans, or even turn their backs on the game altogether. The general rise in prices has caused fans to look elsewhere to watch their football, with 59% revealing they watch the game illegally on the internet and 51% have watched the game illegally at the pub. It’s about time that fans were rewarded with lower prices rather than having to fork out as much as £50 or £60 to watch their team at some grounds. That’s just for ‘normal’ seats too – plus money for petrol or pay for the train or bus, they will probably buy food inside they ground and maybe a scarf. If an adult and 2 sons go it will be about £25 for kids so just one day out will cost more than £100. There’s a huge amount of wealth swilling among Premier League clubs thanks to TV rights or sponsorship deals and there’s no excuse to keep charging the prices they often do. We’re not asking the football industry to do something out of the goodness of its heart, self-interest should play a part too as those huge TV deals will disappear if stadiums begin to look empty.
Ticket prices are wrong in these difficult times, but they're wrong because fans want better players who demand bigger contracts and command bigger transfer fees. Where else are you going to get great drama and excitement than a football match? There have been great games in the past but everyone would agree it is better to be there live than in your house maybe watching it yourself shouting and swearing at the TV when you can be at the game where the atmosphere is amazing and you can