Premium Soft Essay

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Problem Identification * Ken Lin, co-founder of PremiumSoft, needs to hire more staff for his company, however he wants to be able to keep and gain the best talent and be able to manage the work environment that he has already established with even more staff.
* Keeping/maintaining best talent available * Help your employees be great * Keep employees engaged and challenged * Stimulate their minds * Find the right motivators for employees * Minimize hassles * Find out what employees want, and how the company can meet this * Creatives = employees * Same team = same goals * Keep customers happy * Allow and listen to customer requests

* Maintaining
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PremiumSoft was proud of the work environment and benefits it provided to their employees, and saw this as their way to give back for the hard work and dedication all of their employees gave. Lin knew that in order to meet the needs of the company, more employees were needed and he needed to be able to continue to move this company into the future with the same status the company had. The growing needs would be what Lin would set out to maintain PremiumSoft’s status.
Issue Statement With the growth that PremiumSoft was expecting in the coming months/ years, Lin and Choi both knew they had to increase their staff size and maintain a status quo for the overall direction of the company. They knew maintaining the comfortable environment for current and future employees was one thing they could not falter. They also knew that with all of the growing technologies and demands for this, they had to continue in their excellence with their products and keep the engagement up between developers and consumers.
Case Analysis
One of the main things Lin can do is to be able to keep and maintain the best talent available. The employees at PremiumSoft felt valued and in order to have this for both current and future employees, some guidelines could be instilled. In Florida and Goodnight’s article, Managing for Creativity, some excellent examples of this could be found. Helping your employees be great would be something most companies should strive