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Kiara Williams
Friday @ 11 a.m.
Final Exam Essay In FYE this semester, I've learned self-discipline. Self-discipline is all about teaching yourself. Self-discipline is about knowing how to handle yourself in certain situations. In school I had to self-discipline myself and stop procrastinating, and learned to manage my time. I also learned self-discipline is about choice making, making changes, accepting responsibility, and acknowledging my inner strength.

In FYE this semester, I've also learned about Procrastination. I learned that continuously putting off a task is procrastination. I also learned that when you keep finally complete your task from procrastincating, your results will be poor. I've also learned that there are different types of procrasticators. There are Chronic procrastinators who procrastinate all of the time and on almost everything they do, then there are the moderate procrastinators who procrastinate a lot, but not so much, and their work is moderate. Lastly their's the occasional procrastinator who dont put things off that often because they know sticking to their task will make them more successful,

In FYE this semester, I've also learned something about life. I learned that you can't take anything forgrantted because you don't know what obstacle God will throw in your face. I also learned that being stressed will only cause you to be more stressed about situations you can not change. Lastly I learned that you can not