Examples Of Observation On A Day Make-Up

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Pre Observation 3
Day Make-up

Today I provided a day make-up look.
After consultation, I found out that she usually wears quite a lot of make-up, that her skin is combination but also can be sensitive so I would use sensitive skintruth range for cleansing and preparing the skin. Client’s expectations were to try something a bit more toned down for the day as she usually wears a lot of eye make-up during the day

First I cleansed, toned and moisturised her skin using the sensitive skin truth range and then I began to apply a green coloured concealer to the red, blotchy areas on her face with a small brush.
I then began to apply a medium coverage foundation to the face with a sponge, ensuring not to apply to the eye area (which can make any flaws in the eye area stand out more) with a dabbing and smooth blending action.
I then applied eye primer to the eye lids with my fingertips and then with a brush, I applied concealer to the under-eye area to conceal any shadows under and around her eyes. I continued with the concealer around any of the blemishes that were not quite covered with the foundation. After this was complete, I brushed on a loose translucent powder onto the face to set the make up. Next I moved on to the eyes and chose colours that were quite natural and browns and firstly applied a pale cream colour to the lids and brow line, then I used a darker brown over the lids and then I used an even darker brown in the corners of the to give the illusion that the eyes