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Report On Preparation of Managers for France
Sullivan University
June 2, 2013

Letter of transmittal
Sony Corporations
May 21 2013.
Dear Management Team:
The attached report requested by the Sony Corporations management team explains what other institutions are doing and have done in preparing their managers for going global. The belief is that the findings of this research will be of use for decision making on the globalization issue.
The study remained formulated to highlight the issue in terms of:
Training and development of managers
Managing of expatriates
Sending the right signals
Primary research consists of various responses obtained from various CEOs of several organizations and a survey of the workers in some organizations like the IBM and the Unilever. Secondary research sources included various books, journals, and articles, which had such relevant information. Findings of this research, discussed in details in this report suggest that Sony Corporation can benefit from understanding what other organizations are doing to prepare their managers for internationalization.
We would remain contented to analyze this report and its recommendations with you at your request. My institution and I thank you for your trust in choosing our organization to write this detailed report.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The Sony Corporation may gain from the preparation of managers on the idea of going global and understanding how to manage and develop them. The research report on what other organizations are doing to prepare their managers for international move had the request from the Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation has requested for a report providing evidence on how various different organizations have attempted to prepare their managers for international move. The conclusion on how various organizations prepare their managers for globalization has foundation on information obtained from various research materials as well as data received from management teams of different organizations which have gone global or even planning to expand their operations to overseas.
Breakdown of the information reveals areas of concern to remain addressed as:
1. Selection, training, and development of the human resource
2. Selection, training, and development of the expatriates
3. Behavioral issues or cultural issues
Basing on the findings of the report, conclusion can remain reached in that Sony Corporation will gain from understanding the role the other organizations have played in preparing their managers for global development.
The Problem

The study below had to remain designed to elaborate on what other institutions have done in a bid to prepare their managers for international growth. The report attempts to provide crucial solutions to the following queries:
I. What are other organizations doing in order to prepare their managers when going global?
II. What challenges does the organization encounter in its bid to internationalize?
III. How can understanding the action of other organizations be of great aid to Sony Corporation?
Background of the problem

Sony Corporation remains a densely structured organization with wide duties and mandates, together with a great high-class configuration of wealth and property. With lack of appropriate techniques for incorporation and bringing together of several tasks, such institutions will prove extra-large to control. High management devotion and appropriate schemes and procedures may aid. Generally, what remains required to enable such an enterprise to perform to its maximum capacity is the individual devotion of personal managers, who may have an enough wide view as they look for solutions to challenges. To conclude, a main hindrance for Sony Corporation as it tries to go global is the development of a cadre of managers, who may have knowledge and react to the requirements of the global commerce atmosphere. These managers