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Preparation for the FINAL EXAM

The first part of the final exam will be to complete or proofread or choose the correct answer to sentences that will cover all the grammar we have covered this semester.

The second part is to write an essay related to “Julia ‘Butterfly’ Hill.”

Bring to the exam:
A print dictionary
A photocopy of “Julia ‘Butterfly’ Hill”
Two different types of writing instruments (one color will be for proofreading)
A highlighting pen (see explanation below)

I will provide:
Lined paper

Although NO brainstorming notes will be permitted in the exam, you should brainstorm at home in preparation.

Study Questions: The exam prompt will be closely related to one of the following prompts:

1) Compare yourself to Julia “Butterfly” Hill. Describe her involvement and beliefs and compare them to your own actions and beliefs. (You can focus on your actions and beliefs about the environment or on a different social issue.) Focus on a matter of social importance that interests you, and describe your own style of participation – what are you comfortable doing? What actions make you uncomfortable or seem like a waste of time to you? What actions do you think are helpful to society? Why? [For instance, in San Francisco plastic bags were banned from supermarkets a number of years ago because they are not biodegradable, and they can harm animals that may eat them.]

2) As an activist, Julia Hill believes in the conservation of the forests so strongly that she is