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Purpose Statement: To inform my audience of my field of study and my dream career.
Thesis Statement: I have chosen to major in Business Administration, with the goal of becoming a police officer.
Attention Getter: Having a job you have been passionate your whole life is much better when you can major in anything you want, literally! All you need is a degree in most agencies.
Overview of Main Points: My main points will address why I want to be a police officer, what a police officer does, and some requirements to be a police officer.
(Transition from intro to first main point)
I. I have wanted to be a police officer since I was a child. A. Many members of my family who are cops have been an influence towards my goal. As a police officer, you are expected to hold the highest level of professionalism as you respond to emergency situations, and serve as traffic control. B. Seeing the endless possibilities for advancement in law enforcement have amplified my desire to choose that route. 1. After a couple of years of experience, I can elect to join a narcotics unit, K-9 unit, or a detective to name a few. Furthermore, I can compete for a county or city SWAT position. 2. Additionally, with years of experience, I can rank up to Sergeant or as a Chief of Police with the appropriate amount of time in service.
II. Each state as different requirements for prospective officers. I plan on being a police officer in my home state of New Jersey. A. Every police department in the United States requires at a minimum a high school diploma or a GED. There are other ways you can stand out against other candidates. 1. Volunteering in local organizations is always a plus as it shows selfless service. 2. Additionally, there are other stepping stones a potential candidate can take to better their chances. Some examples I personally have done are as follows: a. Serving in the armed forces normally places you above other civilians, even those who have a bachelor’s degree but have not served. b. Learning a new language is beneficial to potential candidates and shows the departments that you are a great investment. c. Furthermore, having a degree, whether associates or higher is always a plus. The best part is that there is no specific degree requirement. I personally chose Business Administration because I plan on having a business on the