Essay about Preparation: Want and Grades

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Now that it is time to prepare for college, I need to review all the requirements that are looked at when applying. Some of the factors that are looked at more than others are good grades, community service, and leadership roles. These three factors are very important because this is what can separate you from other applicants. I need to make sure all the requirements for college are fulfilled before I apply.
Grades account for a lot when determining your acceptance, but with most schools, grades are not the only factor that schools observe. Schools want to see you have taken the most rigorous courses given at your school. They want to see how well you do when being challenged. They would rather see average grades in a college level class rather than excellent grades in an regular class. That’s why I’m taking all the AP courses I can in each subject. I like being challenged with college courses because when it is time to take an actual college course I won’t be in shock and begin to struggle. Colleges also like to see improvement in your grades. Since I didn’t do my best 10th grade year, 11th grade is where I show improvement and what I am really capable of. Although grades are important, they can't show that you are a well-rounded individual and can manage your time well. Grades will show your intelligence and dedication to your studies, but that's all it can prove. Getting good grades will get someone considered for college but it is not enough to get them admitted. Community Service projects are necessary because this is the easiest way for people to make a difference and show that they are a responsible individual. Making a change leads to self satisfaction and satisfaction to others. Community Service is also important because it shows that you are a person who is concerned for others. In addition, people build connections and gain career skills from volunteering. Colleges want to see involvement, passion and commitment. As the years progress more college scholarships are based on volunteering. The amount of community service that I have done so far only shows a little of that. My goal is to volunteer, not only to help others but also to learn more about my future