Audit Analysis: Engel Machinery In Quality Assurance

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Engel Machinery, Inc Quality Assurance


To: D. Urey
From: E. Wolfgang
CC: S. Stojanovic, D. Himes, M. Chase, J. Chronister, J. Bratt, S. Schock, Del Huntley
Date: October 26, 2000
Re: Bearing Bronze Supplier Audit Report

A supplier site audit was performed on October 19th at Bearing Bronze. Conducting the audit were Jeff Bratt (Engel Canada Inspection Supervisor) and myself. The completed audit report and supporting documentation will be kept in the Quality Assurance department in a vendor file for future reference.

Overall assessment:
Overall, Bearing Bronze is doing a minimally acceptable job at this time with some consistent ongoing issues regarding I.D.’s, O.D.’s, surface finish and deburring. They are being changed to a conditionally approved supplier with their performance being monitored for improvement over the next 120 days. Bearing Bronze must provide all items as outlined below within the time period indicated and the number of non-conformances must show a downward trend.

Background, observations, and suggestions for improvement:
What follows are general observations about their current business and suggestions for areas of improvement with regards to their Quality System and future continued business with Engel.
Bearing Bronze is a small machining business capable of doing small to medium size bronze parts for Engel. The operation has been in business since 1970. There are less than 50 employees and they run 3 shifts. They have supplied parts to Engel Canada for many years. They have recently finished rearranging their shop and setting up a small, dedicated inspection area. I observed Engel parts in stock waiting for future releases. All our drawings have the dimensions converted from metric to English by the person doing the CNC programming and written on the drawings. I left a copy of the listing of all Non-conformances from Bearing Bronze since 1998 with Del Huntley for his information.
Bearing Bronze is certified to ISO 9002 Quality Systems, with the system being set-up and maintained primarily by an outside consultant, Mr. John Womack. The certification is only 1-½ years old. Mr. Womack was present during our audit. Jim Ross is the employee responsible for QA Assurance within Bearing Bronze. Jim was working on a machine breakdown almost the entire time we were there. Some general recommendations for improving their program are as follows:

1.) While Jim Ross has been designated Quality Assurance Representative, there doesn’t appear to be much on-site involvement with the daily operation of the Quality Assurance system. The frequency of Mr. Womack’s visits is unknown. Recommend that Jim Ross increase his daily involvement with the Quality Assurance program.
2.) Documentation of non-conformances and corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence of those non-conformances was not presented. Please send evidence of such to Engel within 30 days.
3.) Improve marking and control of non-conforming product. Operators are instructed to place non-conforming product directly into scrap bins. Scrap bins were not clearly marked and were located too close to production work area.
4.) Improve inventory control system. Some of the heat treat tags were unreadable. Please provide evidence of “bar reduction chart” used to track inventory of various size material by heat treat to Engel within 30 days. A recommendation would be to develop a part numbering system for the various material sizes and types.
5.) A major finding was 3 sets of Mitutoyo dial bore gauges and setting rings in the inspection area that were not identified for the calibration system. There were no calibration stickers on any of the gauges either. Ironically, the company brochure pictures one of these gauges in use inspecting a part. Evidence of these gauges being put