Preparing for College: What 12th Graders Should be Doing Now Essay

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A 12th grader must prepare for college during their senior year because we are getting ready for our future. During your senior year the teachers teach you a lot because they want to see you succeed and do something with your life. Senior year is important because this is your last year of high school. Your teachers get you prepared for test and want you to walk cross that stage and get your diploma.

When you are in the 12th your teachers teaches you how to write resumes and fill out applications for school. A resume is something you begin to do or pursue to get ready for life and for your future. College is important because without college you can’t get a job and you can get a lot more jobs with a GED or a master degree. GED is important because you could lose a job because you didn’t finish school. College help you gain life experiments and teach you how it feels to be on your own.

In high school, Seniors are being tested for college because to see what they can major in. Easy way I think you could get in college is to try to get a scholarship for a school that would do you good and have a nice successful life. When in college a lot more stuff get harder and you have to be time for class and everything.

It is important to come to school every day when you are in the 12th grade because you don’t know what you are going to miss. When you are in the 12th…