Preparing IT For New Product Launch Essay

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Preparing IT for a New Product Launch
Royce D. Burnett, Mark Friedman, and Andre Prince


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Website crashes during an online product launch
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First, resources are instantly product will generate as much ordered about $300 worth of rerouted, which could result in website traffic and as many merchandise and received an operating inefficiencies. Second, e-mail with the expected ship sales transactions as possible communication lines become the day it launches, this just dates. However, the next day overloaded and telephone and/ may not be the case. Questions she was informed that three of or data lines freeze. The result: you may want to ask yourself the items she had ordered were information transfers come to as you embark upon such a not available for the estimated a standstill. Finally, and probship date and that she would not launch is whether your website ably most important, customers is actually ready to process the be charged until they were on are disappointed and countless increased volume of transacthe way, yet, she was already sales opportunities are lost. tions and if you can assure cuscharged for the entire order.2
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Firms may believe this is an companies, the loss of the IT dates and product availability. isolated event, but in actuality services is only the beginning of website crashes during an online If not, your product launch
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DOI 10.1002/jcaf.21780



The Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance / July/August 2012

dream will quickly become your worst nightmare! Companies like Target, Apple, and Disney spent millions of dollars to create a “buzz” around upcoming product launches; however, the information technology (IT) and back-office systems needed to support the heightened demands were underserved. A successful product launch not only requires the creation of a strong market buzz, but perhaps overlooked is the required investment to prepare IT and back-office systems. This calls for a systematic, coordinated, and integrated approach. The purpose of this article is to provide a methodology to identify IT risks faced