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Performance Management Plan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HRM/531 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx, 2015

Performance Management Plan

Landslide Limousine Vision
To be the top provider of stellar customer service in transportation within Austin, Texas.
Landslide Limousine Mission
To provide safe, reliable, and courteous transportation to the public, while seeing each ride through the passenger's eyes.

Landslide Limousines is a new transportation company in the region of Austin, Texas; with the potential to make a significant impact on the market. Given the proper organizational business strategy and performance management framework, Atwood and Allen Consulting are confident in the ability to meet and surpass the organization's goals for annual revenue; while minimizing employee turnover. This goal will be accomplished by implementing the subsequent performance management plan. This plan is rooted in the formation and belief in the company's vision and mission statement. Building a place in the transportation industry is dependent on the creation and implementation of strategic goals with regard to employee performance. An in depth job analysis will determine performance indicators and targets, to lead the organization to success. While success will not be immediate, Atwood and Allen is confident that the recommended system for employee appraisals and continuous feedback will foster professional growth. As employees grow professionally, the will be more capable of meeting the organization's strategic goals and thus; supporting the vision and mission of Landslide Limousines.
Business Strategy & Performance Management Atwood and Allen previously submitted an organizational business strategy for Landslide Limousines. At the heart of this business strategy, is the ability to create change in the industry. According to Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits, "The organization is responsible for providing an atmosphere that will support and encourage change, and the individual is responsible for deriving maximum benefit from the learning opportunities provided" (Cascio, 2013). The business strategy for Landslide Limousines is two-fold, addressing the responsibilities of both management and employees. As per the most recent conversation, all components have yet to be reviewed. In summation, the strategy focuses on providing part-time employees with a compensation and benefits structure which is mutually profitable. This structure takes into account the laws related to benefits and pay programs as well as the position of Landslide Limousines in the current market. Landslide Limousines is in the unique opportunity to disrupt the current market in a positive manner. As per the mission statement, the company seeks to see through the eyes of the passenger. This philosophy places significance on minimizing costs, while providing safe and reliable customer service. The plan is to enter the market with a cost of service which undercuts competitors, while compensating employees at current market wages. While wages remain the same, employees save on the cost of renting the vehicles; whereas Landslide Limousines is dedicated to providing vehicles at no cost to the chauffeurs. The end goal is to take part-time employees and encourage them to turn a "job" into a "career." The performance management framework is directly aligned with the business strategy as it supports the implementation of the organization's goals and ongoing training for employee's, in order to help sustain professional growth. This too, will support the goal discussed in recent communication, of maintaining a maximum employee turnover rate of 10%. While Atwood and Allen is not in the business of micromanaging employees, we certainly account for "what types of training seem to yield positive outcomes for organizations and trainees (i.e. what works); how to identify if training is needed and, if so, what type of training best fits the needs…