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● The word “Presbyterian” comes from the Bible, from the Greek word for “elder”
● The denomination takes its name from its form of church government, which is to be governed by elders
● Church government­ “representative” for Presbyterian Churches
○ The congregation elects church officers to lead the congregation
○ Congregations elect elders to serve on the Session, Sessions elect commissioners to go to Presbytery meetings, and Presbyteries elect commissioners to go to Synod and General Assembly meetings.
● Beliefs:
○ Protestant: We come from the protestant Reformation that began in the 1500’s with the theological thought of Martin Luther and John Calvin
○ Reformed and always reforming: We try to always reform our life and practice, both individually and corporately, according to the teachings of scriptures.
○ Elected by God’s grace: We believe we have been chosen by God’s grace.
However, this election is not primarily for privilege, but rather for service.
○ Bible Centered: The scriptures of the Old and New Testament are our only authoritative guide for faith and life
○ Saved to share the good news with the world around us: Missions have always been strong emphasis on our denomination.­us/2013­ncp­holiday­schedule/ ● Celebrate many of the same holidays and celebrations as the Catholic Church
○ January 1­ New Year’s Day
○ January 19­ Martin Luther King Birthday
○ February 16­ President’s Day
○ April 3­ Good Friday
○ May 25­ Memorial Day
○ July 3­ Independence Day Observed
○ September 7­ Labor Day
○ November 26 and 27­ Thanksgiving
○ December 24­ Christmas Eve
○ December 25­ Christmas Day
○ December 31­ New Year’s Eve
● Protestant faiths do not put great value on Mary as being a holy mother of God and so do not celebrate any holidays related to her.
● The Church was established in 1983 when the all the Presbyterian churches in the
United States merged together
● John Witherspoon was a Founding Father of the United States and the first moderator of the Presbyterian Church of the USA.

● John Calvin (1509­ 64)
○ Swiss/ French theologian and lawyer, whose writings solidified much of the