Preschool Child Observation

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This observation marks the first time I went in to observe children after class and later in the day. I felt it would be the smart thing to do as the particular age group this time around is the age group I wish to further explore for the end of semester project; with just getting out of class I assumed I would be more aware of the children’s actions which would help in my observation. The first thing I noted was the room and its set-up, unlike the preschool and toddler’s room the children in this room did not have cubbies nor did they have a lot of toys around the room. Instead, there are three tables in the center of the room, a tv, two couches near the tv and two more tables near the back of the room. There were a few shelves in the back …show more content…
From my position in the room I was able to make out most of the conversation, the girl stated that butterflies were “cute” and that she wanted it, the boy just laughed at the comment and seemingly tried to convince the girl that the face painting was a mistake. The childish interaction carried on for a few seconds but ultimately the two just gave up on trying to explain their side of view to the other. Something I found interesting was how despite the two’s obvious differences in opinions a caregiver did not have to end the conversation that it instead was able to run its course without an emotional outburst like the preschoolers would. Aside from the painting station the other kids, which from what I noticed were the slightly younger kids were playing cards. However, the interesting thing about this was how the kids were playing, they did not follow the rules of the game, which was UNO, instead they seemed to have created their own rules. A total of four kids played this game, however I was not able to get the full rules nor was I able to understand how they were playing the game, mainly due to how the kids were