Prescription Abuse Essay

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To help reduce the abuse of prescription drugs President Obama has put into place a Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Plan that puts out a National Drug Control Strategy which has four major areas to reduce abuse of prescription drugs. The first would be to educate the parents on how important it is to keep all medications out of reach of all kids (Prescription Drug abuse). Some parents and youth feel that because the doctor prescribed them that there is no danger, but if not taken properly there could be serious side effect which could lead to death. Advice the youth how important it is to never take someone else’s medications that isn’t prescribed for them. Also to education parents on how important it is to have proper disposal of the medication. Most parents are even aware that their kids are using their prescribe pain kills to get a high and leave them out in and unlock cabinet but lock up any alcohol. The second step is to make sure that there is a prescription drug monitoring program in every state, where they can share data across states and used by healthcare providers (Prescription Drug abuse).
The third step would be to have a proper medication disposal where it is convenient and environmentally responsible to help decrease the supply of unused prescription drugs in home and keeping them from being sold on the streets or taken by a child to get high on.
The last and final step would be to provide the law enforcement with the proper tools they will need to