Prescription Drug Abuse Essay

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Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic in the United States especially among the youth of our country. The Partnership for a Drug Free America says that 2,500 teens a day abuse prescription drugs. Abuse of these narcotics can lead to serious mental and physical consequences. Why is this such a problem, what can we do to solve it, and how is it affecting our social lives? First we must explore what prescription drugs are being abused. The most popular abused drugs fall into three categories. Depressants of the central nervous system typically used to anxiety or sleep disorders. Stimulant used to treat such disorders as ADHD and ADD and the most commonly abused are opiates used to treat pain. Opiates attach to receptors in the …show more content…
These conditions do not readily apply to a non pharmacist use of prescription drugs, nor does it apply to a pharmacist’s use of street drugs, alcohol, or other mind altering substances (Social Factors Associated with Pharmacists Unauthorized Use of Mind-Altering Prescription Drugs p2 paragraph 3). How ever I think that this relates to anyone using prescription drugs trying to maintain a professional job. People who are addicted to prescription drugs tend to be irritable especially when coming down off the pills. This can lead to problems with family, loss of relationships and friends due to a poor attitude. Some other mental symptoms include depression, rage, constant fatigue, anxiety, lack of concentration, and psychosis. Addiction can also affect your morals. People who would never steal before find themselves stealing from people they love even to get money or possibly taking pain pills from someone else who could possibly be in great deal of pain and need those pills. When you are addicted to a substance especially one that your body is physically dependant on you tend to plan your whole day around your addiction. Everything in your life will begin to revolve around the drug. This can affect your job and social life. You show up late to work or miss days because of constant fatigue or staying up late or being sick from not having the drug. You stop paying your bills to support your ever growing drug habit. You begin to