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Final ExamProject Part 2
Game Marketing: Presentation and Poster
Mr. Piltin

Objectives * Successfully market your game by creating a promotional poster and presentation.

Resources * The game you created in Part 1 of the project. * Your presentation skills. * Your artistic abilities.

Using the game you developed for Part 1 of the project create both an advertisement/poster for your game and PowerPoint presentation. Your project will be graded according to the following requirements and points will be awarded for each as follows:
Posters should be full color and at least 20” x 30” in size. Points will be awarded for the following criteria: * 5 Points: Cool and appropriate name. * Come up with a good (and wholesome) name for your game. * 5 Points: Cool logo design. * Design an appropriate logo for your game. PACMAN * 10 Points: Include screenshots in advertisement poster. * Your advertisement banner should include at least 2 screen shots for the game. * 10 Points: Creativity for advertisement poster. * Points are awarded for your poster’s overall creativity. * 10 Points: Appearance of advertisement poster. * Points are awarded for your poster’s overall appearance/beauty.

Presentations should be at least 10 slides (including title and thank you slides) and between 7 - 12 minutes long. Points will be awarded for the following criteria: * 30 Points: Presentation content. * Your presentation should include the following slides/information: * Title (includes game title, logo, and authors) * Introduction * What was your goal? * Who is your audience/target market. * What were your limitations? * What were some ideas you brainstormed? * Game concept * What did your initial game concept include? * What were some requirements for your particular game? * What were some existing games your borrowed ideas from if any? What elements did you borrow from them? * Why did you choose the name you selected? The logo? * Approach * What was your overall approach to developing the game? * What roles did each member take? * Did you have a plan in place, what was the schedule? * What elements (artwork, graphics, sounds) did you need to develop? * What new technology or difficult algorithms did you need to develop? * Implementation * What were the actual steps you took to implement the game? * What were the most difficult aspects of the development? * What were the major setbacks you encountered? * Where did you go for help? * How did you solve the problems you encountered? * Final Product * How does it work? * What are some highlights of the game? * What are some…