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Today, I want to introduce the food is dumpling. We call it "Jiaozi" in China. Dumpling is a traditional Chinese food. People eat Dumplings at midnight on the New Year's Eve and for breakfast on the New Year's Day. Most families make a lot of delicious dumplings. We make it with meat and vegetable stuffing. Dumpling is my favorite food. It's very delicious and healthy. Since I was young I have to learned how to make it. There are five steps. First, you must make the dough, you put the water into the flour, and mix them together. Press the dough with your hands until it's not sticky. When the dough is ready, put it over there for use later, then go on to make the fillings. The second step is to chop the meat like a mince meat, also you can chop some vegetables and put into the fillings. Next, add some spice such as ginger, onion and salt. Mix all of them together. The third step is to make the wrappings. Roll the dough like a small round pieces of wrappings. The fourth step is to put the fillings in the middle of a wrapping. Then press the wrapping tight and a Dumpling is ready. When you have made enough Dumpling, the last step is to boil them. Put Dumplings one by one into the hot water is OK. You can put anything what you want in the dumplings so the nutrition depends on your choice. Chinese people eat Dumplings on the New Year's Day, it means their wish for good luck in the New Year. And eating Dumplings to take "wish of making money" sound.