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Task 2 a. Explain the role communication plays in effective teamwork by identifying five good communication skills that can be used and the positive effect each may have. Whether in the workplace amongst members of the community teamwork can produce extraordinary results. It is not easily done but there are a number of things you can do to make sure it is effective, here are some of the communications that will make it more effective. -Open communication this enables the team to share their feelings, thoughts and ideas and understand each other’s viewpoints. -Defining expectations so the team know exactly what is required of them, -Defining clear cut roles so each member knows what role they play and what each person is responsible for, what is not within their scope and the resources they have to achieve their goals. -Creating procedures for conflict resolution- no matter how good a team may be you will always get a conflict, the best way in resolving them is to listen to them and try to solve the problem without causing more conflict. -Practise active listening this is to gain real understanding of the speakers point and make them feel their opinion counts. -Use positive verbal and non verbal language can turn negative in to positive solutions. b. Identify and compare two different methods of communication in use in your team in terms of: - Purpose - Frequency - Effectiveness. Verbal communication is simply speaking, this is used constantly, and you can use this face to face, over the phone or in a group. Being able to see the person gives you the opportunity to gauge the response of the other person by reading their body language. When using verbal communication you need to be aware of your tone and speed of your voice, you need to avoid angry tomes and sarcasm this can cause the person you’re talking to on the defensive. This method is the best if you need to discuss something in detail or complimenting someone. Written communication is everywhere in the work place email, letters, invoices, memos. This is the most appropriate when detailed instructions are required when something needs to be documented or when the person is too far away to speak to easily. Email has become a life saver in the business it is a quicker form than writing a letter and replies are instant.

Section B 1. Explain two benefits of communicating plans and target to team members. You need to communicate your plans with your team members so they can prioritise and meet the deadlines. If the team can see the