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The Dream Lighting Company plans to be list in 2015. The headquarter set in New York City center. This company products a large amount of incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps, Led lamps for commercial using or family using. The company has four departments consists of 200 employees. There are financial department, marketing department, human resource department, and purchase department. We have a president manages all the process. Four vice presidents control each department, each department we set up one manager to in charge of all the work. Due to the previous business of company we focus more on purchasing and marketing so that we have more than 80 salesmen, buyers and researchers. Rests of the employees are cleaners, security personnel and cook. These functions constitute our big family. In order to let employees have a good quality and comfortable environment we set up staff canteen which is free for all the employees. We will pay the social security fare for the employees who work over one year. We guarantee the overtime pay for all the employees and abundant compensation to them. We work hard in order to achieve our goal that steps into the global market. We are planning to open a branch office in some foreign countries such as China, Canada. So we need some professional foreign employees to help us achieve the goal. Human resource department and human resource employees play an important role in our organization. Different with other companies the HR managers act initiatively rather than act passively. The ultimate aim is to develop the company by formulating scientific and reasonable enterprise system, from the recruiting, training, operation, testing, performance appraisal and feedback, the role of HR managers is acting initiatively rather than acting passively. This means the organization does not have a predictable plan and scheme, personnel introduction becomes a deliver for other departments without any high requirement. Even the staff promotion or dismissal is only reviewing simply in the end. This is obviously not enough. So in our organization, we consider a lot about this issue and correct the role of HR department, which requires HR department staff standing in the global and strategic perspective, from the actual need of the human resource management, development and use to put out the professional suggestion, in order to establish a great organizational structure, staff promotion rule and effective incentive mechanism. Have deep practical research, carry the basic data and analyze objectively are also essential to our HR staff.

Fuction1: Hiring
Interview policy:
Dream lighting company thinks highly of selecting great employees, so some policies are essential for candidates during the interview and provide some suggestions for candidates to have a great interview.
Interviewees are responsible to provide real information, the information beyond your competency is not allowed.
Interviewees should wear formal clothes, any revealing clothes or with flashy makeup are not recommended.
Interviewees should be polite and respected to the interviewers, any verbal skirmishes may let you lose this job even though you have good ability, no companies want impolite employees to work for them.
Eye contact, smile and lamprophony are helpful for you during the interview.
Come late is never allowed to interview.

During the interview, first introduce yourself then answer the questions from interviewers, leave the room if the interview ends.