Presentation: Inflation and Gdp Growth Rate Essay

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In 2013, kinds of indicator reflect that US economy is recovering, although reduction of government expenditure and raising personal tax would influence personal consumption.
GDP growth rate in the third quarter was 4.1%, much higher than the first and second quarters. GDP growth rates from non-government sector in the first two quarters in 2013 were respectively 1.9% and 2.7%, which were higher than the average GDP growth rates 1.1% and 2.5%.
Unemployment rate declined to 7.2% in September 2013.

Japan’s excessive QE policy and artificial inflation monetary policy did have positive effect on its economy recovery but whether it could be sustainable in future is still an issue.
In addition, government debt of Japan is about over 2.4 times of its GDP.
After May of 2013, Japan stock market continuously fell.
Growth rate of CPI is wondering around 0%.
Besides, Abe’s government will raise consumption rate up to 8% in April 2014, which also brings up uncertainty to Japan economy development.
These major issues include (lack of domestic demand resulting from aging, weak innovation of Japan enterprises, lower labor productivity and high production cost), which could be solved thorough economic structure reform.

Although economy growth rate of EU has slightly increased, we still couldn’t judge that EU economy enters the recovery stage.
The average unemployment rate of EU in October of 2013 was high up to 12.1%. Especially in Greece and Spain, the situation was even worse, were respectively 27.3% and 26.7%.
Family consumption of EU has been