Presentation: Nutrition and Healthy Homes Initiative Essay

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In 1999 Congress established the Healthy Homes Initiative to improve the health of children by addressing housing-related problems such as excess moisture, dust, poor ventilation, and toxic substances.
Renters health education efforts were also included in high-risk housing areas
The main focus for the initiative was to identify multiple housing deficiencies that affect health, safety, and quality of life and to take actions to reduce the health risks related to poor-quality housing

Another example of a National collaboration is the Healthy Food Financing Initiative. This program sets aside $500 million annually for the funding of grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods lacking local access to fresh food.
The financial support helps cover the cost of the construction and the costly refrigeration equipment for the grocery stores.
This initiative was created as a first line of defense against the obesity epidemic, by increasing access to fresh and nutritious foods in low-income neighborhoods

A joint program was created between the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund and the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services….
To help sustain operations of stores that will not only increase access to fresh foods, but also provide jobs in the local communities, meeting spaces that can be used for cooking classes, job training and other community gatherings.

To increase additional federal funding for the clinics that’s was authorized by the…