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Los Studio

Prepared for: Greg Giacona

Prepared By: Carlos Pineda

Company Description

Los Studio is a company that will provide Recording, mixing and mastering services to artist who are interested in making a demo/albums of music. Studio will be equipped with Standard software recording “Pro tools” and the best instrument/effects plugins at this time. Los studio will also be equipped with Great Studio Recording Microphones and Keyboards for those who are in need of it.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide excellent Music studio service for those individuals who seek great quality recordings. Many Studios are over priced and never provide pleasant and excellent customer service to their clients. Los studio will not only provide the best quality of recording, mixing and mastering but will provide a pleasant and professional environment too all our clientele.

Goals and Objectives

Our Goal is to become a well known studio in the Houston area not only for our quality but also for our customer service. We want to attract not only artist and musicians from Houston but also artist in other states.

We want to be consistent with the amount of clientele every year and of course increase the amount of customers. Our goal is to reach 90K in our first year and increase that amount every year.

We understand our music business industry is not a prioritized industry like the food industry or the transportation industry however, the music studio industry has taken a huge step in growth and its now reaching other states including Houston. New york, California and Miami have always been huge for the music industry but by creating a Studio that will not overprice their services and still provide great quality, it is an excellent step to making Houston a great music based city.

Products and services

Los studio will provide recording, mixing and mastering services. Artist who are looking to create a demo or an entire album, we will provide them with a great and pleasant recording session. We want to ensure that the artist is involved as much as they want to be. Communication during a recording or mixing session with the artist will be our number our priority. We understand that music Studio sessions can be expensive, so we want to offer sessions at $60 an Hour. We can guarantee that our prices are lower than most studios in the Houston area. We will also provide a free hour of recording time with the purchase of a 3 hour session. We are confident that every customer will be satisfied with the service we are providing.


Our company will promote our services through word of mouth from friends. The biggest way our company can promote our services is through social networking websites.

Facebook fan page, Twitter and YouTube are a huge way to promote an artist and also a new company. Our company will promote our great deals and expose Pictures of the studio and the equipment we offer. Live Stream will also be a way to promote our recording sessions. With the permission of our artist we can live stream our sessions and show everyone how our sessions are and also the quality of service we provide. This is something that not a lot of studios do and we would like to be as open as possible so that people can see the great service we are providing.

Pricing Price is something that everyone asks when seeking service. We understand that recording and mixing can be expensive. Our company will charge a lower percent than most studios in the Houston area charge. We will be charging $60 an Hour as oppose to charging $85 or higher. Also our studio will be offering a free hour of recording with the purchase of 3 consecutive hours, so it would be 4