Presentation: Storage Tank and Altgeld Gardens Collect Essay

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By: Anaya, Gitana, Mario, India, DeCari, Demarea,
Efren, Abe

What is Environmental Justice?

The pursuit of equal justice and equal protection under the law for all environmental laws and regulations without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Altgeld Garden “Toxic Donut”

Altgeld Gardens was originally established as a federal housing project for
World War II African American veterans on the South Side of Chicago.
Altgeld gardens has the highest concentration of hazardous waste sites in the nation.
The community is surrounded by 50 landfills
382 industrial facilities
It has 250 leaking underground storage tanks

Our Goals

By December we are planning on planting trees and place recycling bins in Altgeld Gardens to make the community a little better.

Goals for September

Get in touch with Cheryl Johnson and
Research other EJ groups
Create a community survey
Take a trip to Altgeld gardens to check out the community to see what’s needed Find background about trees and recycling bins
Get feedback from the community
Does the community want our involvement, recycling bins, or more trees?

Goals for October

Tree planting event in early October
Trick or Trees: Do a trick or treat event: dress up as things that are in the environment - trees, chemical factories, captain america & avengers, tinker bell, Make fliers to pass out
Get feedback from the community - get their opinion on the community

Goals for November

Demonstration to show people what is happening in the community
(environmental issues in the community)
Do a short presentation to the community to get them involved.
Do a video of community members. Document the progress of planting trees Do a thanksgiving event. Pick a park to help clean up. A…