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September 5, 2012
Synopsis of My Roanoke Conference Presentation

The conference was a delightful professional bonding and learning experience, and I truly appreciate the chance to have been part of a gathering of such caring souls and brilliant minds. Though I took away many valuable skills and new perspectives on education, for my presentation I decided to focus on what I knew only I had attended: the English department meeting. I always enjoy the English sessions, and in Roanoke I was given the chance to share and learn about literature that I have found useful and relevant to not only education in general, but more importantly to our specific population of students. In that same vein of sharing resources, for my presentation I decided to bring in books I feel are relevant to the other disciplines taught at SVJC. Additionally, I discussed a book I learned about and subsequently read, The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, which I feel is a good read for educators and students alike because it deals with the consequences of our decisions, good or bad, and the paths that our lives can take, or the twists and turns we can encounter as a result of one seemingly insignificant life decision. Additionally, I brought in books from home related to math, science, technology, history, art and music, and multicultural studies. Hopefully, some of my colleagues will have found a new book to read, may have been inspired to create a classroom library of books focused on their…