A Brief Note On Unreal Comics

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By Darrien Davey

Unreal Comics
Sometimes one reality is just too dull 

 A comic book/ collectible figurine store aimed at fantasy/superhero and anime lovers.

 In Tiverton there is no store similar, comic book fans must go to a different town/city or use the internet.  It will help the area by bringing in a new, uncatered for audience.

Why is it important

 In Tiverton there are no stores that cater for comic book fans.  This genre has a large amount of fans and one store can cover a number of towns.
 A number of people who are fans of comic books also enjoy computer games, these businesses would also benefit.
 A store like this In Tiverton might encourage reading in young people that generally don’t enjoy reading.

My Own Experience

 I have often found that buying comics is very inconvenient
(Need transport or wait 3+ days for delivery) .
 Reading can be an extremely enjoyable way to spend free time. (People read on Facebook, Twitter)
 Reading something I enjoy is not a chore, it helps to improve my literacy skills.
 Many comics are based on morals that I have found I can apply to real life situations ( for instance stealing is bad and respect is important).

Store Environment

 I imagine the setting of the store looking something like the image on the right
 The store would be quite dimly lit
 A few small tables could be placed around the store for people to read inside the store  Artificial candles or lanterns would