President Bill Clinton: A Successful President

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To be a successful president you must be able to take quick action on problems that face the nation, being loyal to your country, and always putting your focus on the country before anything else. That is some of the reasons we vote for the people in the first place. They are going to be able to rule over the whole country so people are going to want a great person that represents them. In my eyes, Bill Clinton was not cut out for this job and was one of the worst presidents ever. He didn’t not have the focus he needed to be able to run this country. Many different scandals controlled Clinton’s focus off the running of the country. There were many different ones such as when Paula Jones sued Clinton for sexual harassment, became the first sitting president to testify to the grand jury on his own conduct. And the biggest one is having an affair with his intern Monica Lewinsky. These events through his focus off the country and onto trying to save himself, marriage, and reputation. …show more content…
Bill lived in Arkansas and married Hillary Rodham in 1975. In 1976 he was elected attorney general of Arkansas. No long after in 1978, he became the youngest governor in the country at age 32. George H. Bush was defeated by Bill Clinton in 1992. He was 46 when he became president. Clinton presided over the longest period of peacetime economic expansion in American history, and he also signed into the law the North American Free Trade Agreement. However, he failed to pass the national health care reform. He did pass the welfare reform and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. This allowed health coverage for millions of children in the United